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“be easy. take your time. you are coming home. to yourself.”
– nayyirah waheed

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Sometimes you just need to share your story.  

On the outside, everything seems fine. You are holding it together, you are functioning and people rely on you.  

But on the inside?

There’s a part of your life that feels sad and inauthentic, and possibly unbearable. Something is not right, and you feel confused because nothing and everything is wrong.  

Let’s find your WHY.

You know something needs to change…

There are many things that can get in the way of living the full range of our lives. What is standing in your way?  Sadness or grief?  Disconnection? You may be living with an addiction or an unspoken trauma.

It is hard and scary to share your insides. You fear that you’re not good enough or that you will be judged for what you really feel or think. It is also BRAVE.

Let’s break through your feelings of shame and fear and start exploring what led you here. You can heal and recover. You can find connection and reclaim hope. You are resilient.

This is an invitation to live the life you want to live.


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I work with courageous individuals creating a path to recovery from trauma, addiction, and anxiety. Let's rediscover the JOY in your life!  I look forward to working with you!

Address: 1365 Forest Park Cir Suite 203, Unit 1, Lafayette, CO 80026.   I am also offering virtual sessions and am open to work with clients throughout Colorado.

Phone: 303-578-2573

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